Every relationship requires hard work and effort to stay happy, healthy, and successful. This is not just limited to adult relationships but also applies to your bond with your little one(s). Here are some habits for you to start (or continue) to strengthen your relationships with your kids!

1.Keep those tech devices at bay
Doesn’t it feel frustrating when you’re in the middle of a conversation and someone seems distracted by their phone? It’s probably no different with your kids! So, limit these distractions for both you and your kids. Instead, spend your quality time solely focusing on your little ones- playing and interacting together.

2. Connect more before transitions
We all went through major transitions throughout childhood, puberty, and early adulthood. It becomes crucial at those milestones to then to reach out and be there for them during the changes. Allow them to consistently see you as their pillar of support. If you have several children, it becomes equally important to ensure that you spend some quality time with each one of them individually as well.

3. Be a listener
When there is something your little one wants to tell you, fight the urge to interrupt them, even if you’ve had a similar experience before and possibly already know the solution. Instead, utilize your active listening skills and hear them out, understand their perspective, and then share your thoughts and experience with them.

4. Understand their side of the story
What do you typically do when you’ve just heard that your little angel has done something bad? For some of us, our first reaction may be to scold them to teach them that what they’ve done was wrong. But do you try and wait to hear their side of the story? It is essential to understand why they did it in the first place. You will then be able to help them out better by understanding their perspective and what led them to behave the way they did, not to mention build their trust in believing that you will always be there to listen and not judge them.

5. Welcome emotions
How do you express feelings in your family? Are there some emotions that are more welcome than others? It is absolutely crucial that your children are comfortable expressing emotions to you. Bottling up all those feelings inside of them can take its toll and possibly create uncomfortable feelings like anxiety and confusion. So, even if they are seemingly very sad, try to refrain from asking them to stop crying. Instead, try to know what the reason is and help them heal. Create a safe space for them to talk to you about anything that is going on, happy or sad. This will help your kids in the long run and will strengthen their trust in opening up in front of you.

Happy bonding!

If you have other important tips in your mind, please share it below!

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