The human brain is wired for connection with loved ones from the moment we’re born. Accepting this need for a safe and loving bond symbolizes strength and maturity, not weakness. Sometimes, we may find ourselves feeling stuck, disconnected, undesired, alone, hurt, rejected, or let down from our partner. Sounds familiar to you?
Relationship therapy can help you:
– Identify cues, triggers, and communication challenges for each partner
– Express difficult emotions and sensitive feelings in ways your partner can understand and accept
– Diffuse recurring arguments
– Accept and respect cross-cultural issues
– Recover from infidelity, emotional affairs, and trust issues
– Set healthy boundaries with parents, in-laws, children, or ex-partners
– Explore and enhance romantic needs, intimacy, and sex life
– Decide together about marriage, divorce, or starting a family
I am passionate about all-things relationships and use powerful, evidence-based interventions and techniques to help you feel heard, understood, and connected.
Things can be different.